Kind Words | Áine White Coaching
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I hadn’t spoken to a Coach before so was a bit unsure what to expect. Áine put me at ease straight away. I felt like I was being listened to, understood and my feelings validated. During each session Áine gave me the tools I needed to overcome my stresses and anxieties. Gradually I began to feel like myself again. After each session I came away feeling relieved, lighter and better equipped to deal with the challenges I was facing. I can’t thank Áine enough for all of her help and support.

Coaching Client – Female (28) April 2023

Áine is easy to talk to and put me at ease straight away, guiding me through the principles of CBT at a pace I was comfortable with and introducing me to exercises that were simple but effective. Working with Áine I learned techniques to apply in my daily life for better mental health and was empowered to take ownership over the work so that it always felt relevant to my individual needs. Having been able to see in black and white my progress on the goals we established when we started working together, I have felt a significant shift in my wellbeing and feel much better equipped to manage the ups and downs of life. I feel lucky to have been able to work with Áine and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a therapist to anyone interested in exploring CBT.

CBT/Psychotherapy Client – Female (37) March 2020

When I began having sessions with Áine it was my first time talking to a therapist. I was nervous and unsure what to expect. Over several months, we worked on getting me from a low point in my life to a place of happiness. Áine is compassionate, friendly and sensitive making it very easy to open up to her. After every session, I’d always come away knowing I’d made immense progress and was better equipped to tackle the weeks and months ahead. It was a pleasure to work with Áine, she taught me so much about myself and I have a lot to thank her for.

CBT/Psychotherapy Client – Female (29) August 2021

My time with Áine was incredibly refreshing. We focused on the barriers and issues which prevented me from doing things as simple as going to the shops or talking to my friends. Her approach and care when examining the extent of my anxiety and depression was always excellent, and she never lost sight of the goals that we were working towards. I would not think twice about recommending working with Áine, despite all of our sessions taking place remotely, I always felt that she was dedicated and approachable.

CBT/Psychotherapy Client – Male (22) May 2020

Before working with Áine I had never tried any form of therapy before, and wasn’t too familiar with what CBT would involve. Áine introduced me to CBT in a way that felt tailored to my needs, helping me pursue my own goals and see gradual but steady improvement across areas of my life that had been causing me difficulty, that I didn’t then have the skills to unravel on my own. Áine’s kindness, patience and humour created a very comfortable environment in which to practice CBT and has effected positive change in my life that I expect to last.

CBT/Psychotherapy Client – Male (22) June 2022

I felt I thoroughly benefited from working with Áine. Áine was incredibly supportive and would regularly continue our discussion over the set session time if needs be which I really appreciated. The guidance I gained from our sessions changed the way I approached my day to day life for the better and gave me a great set of tools and techniques to manage challenges. I know that if I felt I needed support again in the future I would choose to work with Áine.

CBT/Psychotherapy Client – Female (25) April 2022

I was initially averse to therapy due to my personal experience. Nonetheless, I took the first step and I am very thankful that Aine was the one I got to work with. I felt listened to and I was able to be vulnerable during our sessions. I did not feel judged and felt welcomed. I still apply the techniques that she taught me and it has helped a great deal then, it still helps a great deal now.

CBT/Psychotherapy Client – Male (28) September 2019

I received online counselling from Áine in May 2019 via zoom. At first I was concerned how authentic the therapy would be using the online platform and wondered if I would be able to build a rapport. I needn’t have worried. From the first session I immediately felt at ease with Áine. She had a natural warmth about her and I instantly felt comfortable and found it easy to open up about the issues I presented with. Throughout our sessions I always felt listened to and never felt embarrassed discussing the problems I was facing. As I was a mature student at the time and feeling out of my depth she helped me to believe in myself which has always been a struggle for me. She provided different tools to help me cope with my triggers and her knowledge of her practice was second to none. I feel the therapy had raised my awareness of my triggers which has helped me enormously in different situations. Thanks again, the therapy not only helps me presently, I know that I will continue to use the tools I have in the future.


CBT/Psychotherapy Client – Female (42) June 2022

Áine has given me the tools and the ability to translate what my issues are. CBT sounded like a buzz word but it just clicked with Áine and she has translated it in a way that really connected with me. I continue to say to myself “baby steps“ which is a phrase Áine taught me and that’s entirely thanks to Áine giving me the skills and teaching me techniques that I use daily. When you are down in the depths it’s like you’re in a fog and no matter how much you tell yourself you can’t get rid of it but I feel like Áine has been a guiding light that’s helped me raise myself from those depths. It’s been so much of her communication that’s helped things click and the things she was saying translated really well (as I have learning difficulties) which helped the things she suggested connect with me.

CBT/Psychotherapy Client  – Male (29) January 2023

I hadn’t spoken to a therapist or wellness coach before so was a bit unsure what to expect. But Aine put me at ease straight away. I felt like I was being listened to, understood and my feelings validated. During each session Aine gave me the tools I needed to overcome my stresses and anxieties. Gradually I began to feel like myself again. After each session I came away feeling relieved, lighter and better equipped to deal with the challenges I was facing. I can’t thank Aine enough for all of her help and support.

CBT/Psychotherapy Client  – Female (27) March 2023

I would highly recommend Aine to anyone who is looking into trying CBT for the first time or re-visiting it. She was always very professional, incredibly patient and understanding, and made me feel like I was in a safe space to talk openly and without judgement. After each session I felt that she had really listened to what I had to say, and I benefitted a lot from the CBT exercises she would give me to complete for our next session. Regardless of what issue(s) or feeling(s) I was having, Aine created an environment that was reassuring and made me feel valued. She has helped me greatly.

CBT/Psychotherapy Client  – Male (28) April 2023

I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional care and support I received from Áine. From the moment I reached out, Áine displayed a remarkable level of professionalism, empathy, and expertise that truly exceeded my expectations. Áine’s personalised approach not only put me at ease but also ensured that the recommendations she provided were tailored to my specific circumstances. Thanks to the support and guidance of Áine, I was able to successfully manage my challenges while continuing to excel in my role. Áine’s expertise undoubtedly played a pivotal role in facilitating my positive outcomes, and I can’t thank her enough for her unwavering commitment to my success.

Coaching Client – Male (33) July 2023